Rob Ford

Sometimes when you’re having a bad day, look no further than the Mayor of Canada to make everything all better

Thanks Rob

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This is why I am not a cat person

How is this a real thing? First of all, thought this woman was at fault, but apparently she was trying to save her dog from this stray cat, makes sense… what doesn’t make any sense is the speed in which this cat attacks… I;ll never look at a cat wrong again.

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USA draws Group of Death (World Cup 2014)

Little known fact about me, I enjoy soccer…. why? because some people call if football, and I love all things football. This upcoming world cup in the fake ass and thoughtless murder capital of the world Brazil is going to be amazing. I wanted some ass hat countries but nope. We drew Germany, Ghana, Portugal…

Gonna be a tough road, At least Bush has Ghana covered…we’ll handle the rest

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Game Stop looks like a sick place to work

Makes my cube jockey life look like cake… can’t believe he didn’t have any FIFA. Thin line between making sure I was never on any of his shifts in case he slaps in a Banana clip, and wanting to be on every shift, have to be there live when he punts a little Mexican… keep doing god’s work brother.

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I think right around the time dude drops the blanket the guy with the bottle was having a “should have brought a bigger boat” moment. This day and age 3:20 for a video is too long, but worth the payoff… Drunk, small and annoying isn’t a good combo…. I could feel the white shirt dude with the concave chest back tracking a bit but realizing he had come to far tried to own it, gotta respect him for that…


as they say, ‘showers boys’

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Paramount’s Tribute to Paul Walker

Dude is the most underrated actor in the game, just made hits… RIP Paul

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Jennifer Lawrence I got a bone to pick with you

Nothing is tilting me these days more than J-Law chopping off her hair. I mean jesus christ, how you gonna go from this :

A complete bonafide smoke show, end of the world boob bounce and goddess flow to a young Ellen?

My guess is she had enough of the whole world Googling ‘Naked Jennifer Lawrence Snuff Porn”. If you play is to throw the whole world off your jock, only come riding back in on a pony of sex and lust I’m on to you… All jokes aside, stop with the act bring back the locks

I’ll never forget

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