NFL Fines Ahmad Brooks $15,750 for hit on Brees

“You can’t make forcible contact to the head or the neck area, even if the contact starts below the neck and rises up,” Blandino said in an appearance on NFL Network. “If there’s force to that contact, it’s a foul. Watch the initial contact, maybe around the shoulder, but it rides up into the neck area and brings the quarterback down with force. That’s why the flag was thrown for unnecessary roughness.”

I had to open with the quote from NFL’s Vice President of Shit for Brians, Dean Blandino. I guess I can’t be surprised, what did we expect? Could we, in this day and age, really think anyone would come forward from the NFL and say “we missed this one boys”. Nope, instead he announces publicly the refs nailed it, and endorsed the 16k fine on Ahmad Brooks, Brees even said Brooks is a great player, and a classy one. Football isn’t moving in slow motion (not that I’d have any clue last time I played flag football I went about 6 plays then straight the Career PUP list), the games was in the balance, Brooks is running a million miles per hour at a 5 foot 10 Brees who’s trying to get the fuck out of the way, not to mention Brooks didn’t finish the tackle in any violent fashion, the moment it was clear he was going down he let go. Could have served him up with a good old fashioned Rock Bottom circa 2000 Nation Of Domination, but nope just hit him clean, Brees’ neck snaps forward like Stretch Armstrong and the yellow flag flies and the Niners lose a momentous game. (And I push, Niners +3)

The only silver lining in all this is I now like Ray Lewis again, says a lot for my moral compass..if you kill a man, get away with it, yell complete gibberish at every single high school pre game in the tri county area. The world may forgive and forget Ray, but not me…. until now first thing he does is agree to pay half, which today he backed up on twitter and boom exonerated in my book. In fact he has a couple ‘get away with murder’ free cards with me (no expiration). Real question is, where do you tackle these days?…. sick neck bro



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