Sleepovers have changed….

My lord have times changed, I remember the idea of a good sleep over was a shit ton of Mountain Dew and Mario Cart, now a days girls are just mowing down shitty snack food listening to their mom get plowed out. Around the 59 second mark shit stopped being funny and got real. The poor girls weren’t ready for the finale, the crescendo really threw them for a loop. Not gonna lie that aftershock caught me a bit off guard too…I think its safe to say if you live in a two room shanty where you share a wall with your 15 year old daughter may want to get a sitter if you plan on letting the old man lay miles of pipe.



About Coit Lombard

Name's Coit, Bay Area native, wanted a place for non stop Bay Area sports talk. Also have a personal soapbox for me to vent about a whole lot of nothing. Email me any stories or topics at
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