Remember the time the Saints got flagged for hit on QB? Me neither

Its like the NFL is the damn WWE, The saints are just Goodell’s little golden child for no reason whatsoever. I mean every little call is made in the NFL this year, not just against my niners, but every team. You can’t get away with anything, they flag you for hitting low, high, and a lot of times if you hit to hard you’re getting a flag. And somehow, the refs missed this last night? Looks pretty clear to me, way worse than the hit on Brees the week previous… in utter disbelief, I wanted to rant on and on about the pussification of the NFL, and how big of an asshole Goodell and his band of merry idiots are, but fuck it… not today.


About Coit Lombard

Name's Coit, Bay Area native, wanted a place for non stop Bay Area sports talk. Also have a personal soapbox for me to vent about a whole lot of nothing. Email me any stories or topics at
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