Drunk Footrace ends the way you’d imagine.

I got this video from my favorite sports blog (www.barstoolsports.com) and it is a footrace between two drunken Bears fans.

I think we have all been here before, getting a little older, a little drunker, a little more out of shape. Your tubby friend starts talking shit, and in your eyes you are no fatter or out of shape than he. So what’s the best way to settle this? Line up on a one man sidewalk and race to the death. I could sense the “oh shit moment” where his legs couldn’t keep up his mind, it was all over soon after that. Another thing that I realized, there is a market for this out there, I need more drunken footraces and I need them yesterday!



About Coit Lombard

Name's Coit, Bay Area native, wanted a place for non stop Bay Area sports talk. Also have a personal soapbox for me to vent about a whole lot of nothing. Email me any stories or topics at Coit.Lombard@gmail.com
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