MNF Lock of the week SEA -6

God this pains me, the thing is even though I am a niners fan I use to like the Seahawks, because they were not good enough to be a real threat, had cool jerseys and Pete Carroll seemed like that cool uncle I never had…. now they are crushing the NFC West, and I fucking hate them. In my heart I want to root against them, in my wallet Tonight I will be rooting for them. Russell coming in 11-0 at home, and 4-0 ATS Career at home with Lines coming in at 6 or less. Brees hates being outside, hates playing on the road, and I’m still tilted from that bullshit call on Brooks. I like SEA, I like them big 41-14 Seattle.

Everyone is saying Saints Offense versus Seattle defense, What if I told you the hawks have scored more points than the saints this year? I mean, 1 point but still their offense is underrated. Lock it in boys, thank me later.

Coit NFL: Lock Record (1-0)


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Name's Coit, Bay Area native, wanted a place for non stop Bay Area sports talk. Also have a personal soapbox for me to vent about a whole lot of nothing. Email me any stories or topics at
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