Cinnamon Challenge + Pepper Spray

When I watched this video it was one of those few moments where the description is true to the video. Dude gets a mouthful of Cinnamon, then gets sprayed with mace (are Mace and Pepper spray interchangeable?, is it kind of like the shit I blow my nose with is always called Kleenex, regardless of actual brand. Anything that is pressured in a can, and used to stop rape or make terrible YouTube viewing experiences will forever be Mace). It was one of those times where I genuinely expected to be at least mildly entertained and in the end just felt terrible. Could anything be worse than thinking up a terrible fucking idea? executing it, sitting there thinking “oh shit, I am going to die!” while the dickhead who sprayed you in the eyes is laughing his merry ass off… not to mention when he throws in that pity cough after he too catches on to the fact his buddy is dying on YouTube, who you trying to fool bro?…


About Coit Lombard

Name's Coit, Bay Area native, wanted a place for non stop Bay Area sports talk. Also have a personal soapbox for me to vent about a whole lot of nothing. Email me any stories or topics at
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